Telephone: Inbound Caller ID


Inbound Caller ID is available on most administrative telephone lines on the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor campus. There is no additional charge for this service.

Note Inbound Caller ID may not be available to some units who receive their telephone service from a departmental system or who are located off campus.

Using Inbound Caller ID requires either a Caller ID telephone or Caller ID display box. Many telephones purchased through ITS have Caller ID displays.

Display Information

Incoming Calls

From campus:

  • The caller's phone number or a building code number is displayed.
  • From University Housing Residence Hall or Northwood Community Apartments telephones the caller's phone number is displayed.

From off-campus:

  • Display details will depend on what information is available through the caller's local phone company.

Outgoing Calls

Calls to on-campus locations:

  • When you call an on-campus number that uses a Caller ID telephone or has a Caller ID device connected to it, your telephone phone number or a building code number is displayed.

Calls to off-campus locations:

  • If you do not have Outbound Caller ID, when you call an off-campus number that has a Caller ID device connected to it, either a U-M default number (647-0000 or 665-6555), the name "University of Michigan", or both default number and University name, will be displayed.
  • If you have Outbound Caller ID, your 10-digit number and "University of Michigan" will be displayed.

Call Log

Caller ID devices log incoming calls by date, time and whatever information may be available through the caller's local phone company.

Call Waiting Caller ID

If you are talking on your phone, a call waiting tone will notify you of incoming calls. Your Call Waiting Caller ID compatible display phone or device will show information about who is calling. In order for this feature to function on your telephone it must be a built in component of your telephone. Product information should specify "supports call waiting". The displayed information will depend on the location from which the call was made.


The Caller ID feature is in compliance with University of Michigan safety and security standards. If you or someone in your unit has questions or concerns regarding privacy and/or caller confidentiality matters, contact a Telecommunications Analyst.

Questions About Caller ID?

Contact a Telecommunications Analyst.

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Thursday, March 16, 2017