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Warning! You must contact the ITS Service Center to request a Discussion Group in the UMICH domain. The Create Group button will create a group outside of the UMICH domain and it won't be protected by our contract with Google.


Discussion Groups are email-based online groups in the UMICH domain. These groups can be requested by contacting the ITS Service Center by anyone affiliated with the University of Michigan. Simply provide the group name (at least 9 characters) and group owners. A group will be created as "group name" We recommend multiple owners for Discussion Groups. Owners can be added during or after the group is created. Members of the group are added and managed by the owners. There is no relationship between Discussion Groups and MCommunity groups. All group management should be done through Google. See the Manage a Discussion Group section for more information on managing a Discussion Group.

Discussion Groups are Used to:

  • engage in discussions about a specific subject.
  • archive email.
  • create a question and answer support group.
  • organize meetings, conferences or social events among members of a group.
  • find people with similar hobbies, interests or backgrounds.
  • read group posts through email, the online interface or both.

Group Types

Discussion Groups are not to be confused with Google Groups synced from MCommunity, although both can be used to send email to its members.

Discussion Groups:

  • are for discussions and email archiving.
  • are not synced from MCommunity.
  • are not managed in MCommunity.
  • must be managed within Google Groups.
  • have an address of, email sent here goes to the group, and to the group members' mailboxes if they so choose.
  • can view and respond either via email or via the Google or both (can also decide on frequency of email - every post or digests.)

MCommunity Groups:

  • are for inviting to Calendar events and assigning permissions in Drive.
  • are synced from MCommunity.
  • are managed in MCommunity.
  • are not manageable within Google.
  • have an address of; email sent here goes directly to all members.
  • have "Sent to Google UMICH: Yes" on their MCommunity Group Info tab.

    Note: Groups labeled "Sent to Google UMICH: No" can be used to send email, but not to invite its members to Calendar events or to collaborate in Drive.

Getting Started

Tip: To participate in discussions via email, use the group's email address "group name"

Finding Your Discussion Group

Click My Groups on the Google Groups page.

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Thursday, February 23, 2017