Overview Sending an email to a large number of people can have certain negative effects: There is a greater chance of recipients reporting your email to Google as spam. If Google marks your account for sending spam, it could impede the delivery of future emails you send.
Overview MCommunity groups can collaborate in U-M Google. Access to items is managed in MCommunity instead of U-M Google. When using sensitive data, ensure that all group members are in compliance. MCommunity group members without a addresses are not synced to U-M Google. Collaborate with their personal Google accounts or they can request access in response to notification emails.
This document provides information about managing the MCommunity Directory group profile associated with a shared account. Shared accounts allow a group to have a U-M Google or U-M Box account that is owned by that group rather than by an individual. This document includes information on changing the UMICH password used for that account.
MCommunity Directory groups are synchronized to U-M Google and U-M Box so you can use them when sending email, sharing resources, and collaborating. This document lists what parts of MCommunity groups are sent to U-M Google and Box.
Topics Overview Benefits MCommunity Groups Gmail Calendar Drive Box Manage a Shared Account Change the Password
This document provides tips for signing in to and out of your U-M Google account in ways that protect your privacy and the security of your password. To learn about using Google Apps, visit
Overview While both U-M Box and Google Drive are great for maintaining a shared document repository, ownership and permissions settings (including inheritance of these settings between top-level folders and their sub-folders) works very differently in each.