Virtual Sites

Software is available in your Virtual Sites session using AppsAnywhere. Virtual Sites provides access to university-licensed specialty software. If you have a Mac, you are also able to use Windows-only software in Virtual Sites. Due to licensing agreements, a few software titles may only be available at physical Sites locations.
Navigate to  Select the second option, “VMWare Horizon HTML Access” Enter your UMICH uniqname and password. NOTE: Virtual Sites users must use DUO Two Factor Authentication. This can be configured at the Safe Computing DUO page. Select *DefaultDomain*
Users need to configure Kumo Cloud Storage Integration to integrate preferred cloud storage with Virtual Sites.  Link your preferred storage and have on-the-go access to your files from campus computers and apps. Kumo users can forget flash drives -- Kumo is easy to set up and simple to use. Just authorize your storage accounts, and they’ll show up just like a hard drive within any virtual app or on any lab computer station. Kumo Options include U-M Box, U-M Dropbox, and Google Drive.
Local Drive VMware Horizon Client users can configure local storage to save to their own local drive from Virtual Sites (this is also known as Client Drive Redirection).
Important: Do not save files to the virtual computer's desktop. Files on the virtual computer's desktop will be deleted after your session ends. Be sure to save often. You may lose your work if your network connection is interrupted while using Virtual Sites. If you use the Web version of Virtual Sites, you must configure Kumo Cloud Storage to save your work to your preferred cloud storage system. The Web version does not support local storage such as your personal hard drive.
How to use Virtual Sites to use software on Campus Computing Sites Windows workstations remotely from any Mac or Windows computer with an Internet connection.