Videoconferencing: How to Install Cisco Proximity to Enable Content Sharing without a Cable on Videoconferencing Room Systems

Proximity is available on room systems to allow for content sharing on a video screen without a cable from a laptop computer. ITS Videoconferening Room Systems that have been updated for the Proximity feature will have a note with a link to Proximity on their home screen. Instructions for downloading Proximity include:

  1. Go to the Proximity website at:
  2. Download the Proximity application.
  3. Launch the Proximity application on your laptop. 
  4. Click the Share Screen icon.


  • Proximity requires the laptop be inside the same room as the videoconferencing room system and within 30 feet of the unit.
  • Turn on your laptop microphone and turn up the volume on the videoconferencing room system.
  • Clicking the Share Screen icon will take control of the screen. Only one individual can control the screen at once, and clicking Share Screen will take control from whoever is projecting.
Last Updated: 
Friday, March 17, 2017
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