Test Videoconferencing Room System Audio and Video

Connect a Parrot Test on Blue Jeans

Tip: If your unit participates in the campus-wide Blue Jeans contract, the easiest way to test videoconferencing video and audio is a parrot test on Blue Jeans.

  1. Connect to Blue Jeans
  2. From a system registered in the U-M Videoconferencing Infrastructure select Blue Jeans from the Favorite Menu or enter the on-campus telephone number 3-1814.

    Note: From non-registered devices, see the Getting Started with Blue Jeans page.

  3. Join the meeting as a participant.
  4. When prompted for the Meeting ID enter 111#.

This validates that inbound video is working. Your audio should be looped back, which validates that both outbound and inbound audio are working.

Connect to the International Loopback Test System

Another way to test the equipment is to connect to the international loopback test system, ENUM AARNet MCU loopback. To do this:

  1. Enter the telephone number 01161262112650
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Wednesday, June 1, 2016
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