Google Drive

Google shared drives are a feature in Google Workspace for Education. They offer shared space in Google Drive where teams can create, store, search, collaborate on, and access all their team-owned files. This document provides an overview of shared drives.
This document provides best practices for sharing files and folders in Google Drive.
Overview While U-M Google Drive is great for maintaining a shared document repository, ownership and permissions settings (including inheritance of these settings between top-level folders and their sub-folders) work in a very specific way.
This documentation provides a table that outlines the key differences between U-M Google shared drives and My Drive.
This document provides a list of best practices for using U-M Google shared drives.
This document provides steps and best practices for migrating your Google My Drive data into a Google shared drive.
U-M Google shared drives (formerly Team Drives), Dropbox Team Folders, and Shared Accounts in U-M Google are great for maintaining a shared document repository. However, there are important differences in feature availability and functionality between each. This documentation provides a chart that outlines how the three compare.
This document provides instructions on how to transfer ownership of files you own in Google Drive to another individual at the university and how to transfer ownership to a Google shared drive owned by a department/unit.
This document explains how MCommunity groups work in U-M Google and how to use them.