Student Explorer

***If you're new to Student Explorer or want to learn generally about the tool, start by clicking "Introduction to Student Explorer Resources & Support" above!***
Click the "Getting to Student Explorer" link above to learn how to access Student Explorer directly or from the LSA Undergraduate Advising File.
Learn how to request access to Student Explorer and how access is governed.
Click the "Student Explorer Cohorts" link above to Learn about Student Explorer cohorts (a.k.a. student lists, advisor assignments), including what they are and how to request them, also known as student lists or advisor assignments. Cohorts control which students you see on your My Students page.
Click the "Student Explorer Course Detail Page" link above to learn what you can see on a Course Detail page, an in-depth look at a student's performance in a particular course.
Click the "Student Explorer Course Status Indicators" link above to learn about the green/yellow/red/gray status indicators.
Click the "Student Explorer Data Sources" link above to learn about the data used in Student Explorer and where it comes from.
Click the "Student Explorer My Students Page" link above to learn about the My Students page, your homepage in Student Explorer that lists all of your students.
Click the "Student Explorer Student Detail Page" link above to learn what you can see on a Student Detail page, a breakdown of all courses a student is taking and their status within them.