Student Explorer

Cohorts in Student Explorer are a way to assign lists of students to advisors so advisors can see all of their students on their "My Students" page. Think of it like advisor assignments, but you can give each cohort a name, like a "tag." Below shows an example of what your "My Students" page could look like with three cohorts set up (Special Probation F14, Special Probation F15, and Special Probation W15).
Student Explorer has a color coded system for users to see action they may need to take at a glance. Each student has a status indicator for each course they are taking to demonstrate roughly how the student is performing in the course. The status indicator is based on student grades and views of the course site as reported from Canvas.
 Data shown in Student Explorer comes from a few different sources, including Canvas and the Math Department's learning management system WeBWorK. The primary source of data displayed in Student Explorer is the University of Michigan's learning management system, Canvas, which is used by most instructors across campus for their courses. Data that is sourced from Canvas includes grade, assignment, and activity (course site views).
Student Explorer is a tool developed by Academic Innovation and maintained by the Information Technology Services Teaching & Learning group. Academic Advisors, Coaches, and Mentors use the tool to view a high level overview of Student activity, pulled from the Canvas Learning Management System. This information guides Academic Advisors, Coaches, and Mentors in interactions with their Students. In Student Explorer, Students can be sorted into cohorts by request.