Overview The MPrint Mobile App is designed to provide a simpler way to print, by taking advantage of Follow Me Printing. Follow Me is a virtual print queue that holds your documents for up to 24 hours, letting you control where and when they get released. Follow Me printing minimizes frustration from accidentally printing to the wrong printer, printing to a device that is jammed or out of toner, or having someone accidentally grab your document before you get to the printer. With the MPrint Mobile App, you are able to:
Use the MPrint Installer to send documents to nearby printers or to networked printers across campus.
Print Account Anyone with an MCommunity role as Student, Faculty, Staff, or Sponsored Affiliate can request an MPrint account for themselves, a single user, or a valid MCommunity group. Alumni and Retirees must first request access. For example, you might request an account if you are:
University affiliates with a uniqname can purchase additional print credits from the Tech Shop for use on Campus Computing printers at the Ann Arbor campus.
Print from a non-MiWorkspace computer using MiWorkspace Printing.