Portfolio and Project Management: Close a Project

Tasks to Close a Project

In Planview

Ensure that all project team members have entered time in Planview.

All Milestones are marked Completed and children tasks are marked Completed.

Complete the Actual Project Benefits field by navigating to Work >Project Name >Work View > Project Closure Summary.


  • This creates a lifecycle and takes the Project Manager to the Project Closure Summary Tab.
  • See backstage for more information on writing project benefits.

Change the Project Status in Planview to complete after the project team has made their last timesheet entry for the project.

Outside of Planview

Send a final Project Status report to project stakeholders.

RelatedITS Project Methodology

Send the Actual Project Benefits to the PMO Operations team. If needed, have a final Project Status Review meeting with the stakeholders.

Conduct lessons learned.

Capital Projects Only: Complete the Capital Project Closure Summary to report on funding received and non-labor expenses.

NoteShare a draft with the Project Director and Steering Committee. The summary is due within 45 calendar days of the project go-live/completion. Store the completed summary in the project documentation repository and email it to PPMO Operations: its.pmo.ops@umich.edu.


Change the Project Status to Completed

Planview is configured to remove all effort on any open requirements, reserves, and allocations when the status is updated to Completed. Time can no longer be charged to the project. Schedule and financial data can no longer be updated. This can be done either from Work and Resource Management or from Portfolio View.

  1. Search for the project in Work and Resource Management.
  2. Select a column set that includes the column Work Status.
  3. At the project level, change the work status to Completed.

    Notethis status may have restrictions so that it can only be changed as part of a lifecycle. In that case, complete the necessary lifecycle steps.

  4. The system provides this warning: Setting this work status will remove all assignments and schedule dates. Select OK.

Tip If you need to change the status back to Open/Active for any row, first select the row, then open the Work Detail screen. Select Edit in the Basic section of the screen, and then change the status back to Open/Active.

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