Canvas: M-Write - Check for Revision


This document details how to compare Word documents for revision as part of a Writing-To-Learn assignment.

Note: This document displays steps and screenshots from Word 2016.

Check for Revision

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
    Note: If a file was submitted as a .pdf, open it and save it as a Word document prior to completing these steps.
  2. Click Review.

    Word toolbar - review tab - track changes menu

  3. Click Compare.
  4. Click Compare....
  5. Select the Original document.

    compare documents window

  6. Select the Revised document.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Review changes in the Revisions window and grade as applicable.
    • Refer to the Canvas Instructor Guides - Grades for information on assigning grades in Canvas.
    • If desired, click Reviewing Pane and select vertical or horizontal to adjust the Revisions window.

    revisions window

    reviewing pane menu

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019