Canvas: M-Write - View Student Peer Review Submissions


This document details how to view peer review submissions using the M-Write Peer Review tool.

Accessing Students' Peer Reviews

  1. In the Canvas site for the course, click the M-Write Peer Review tab.

    canvas - m-write peer review tab

  2. Click SEE REVIEWS under the applicable assignment.
  3. Click a student name to view additional information about their peer reviews.

    canvas - m-write assignment peer reviews page - list of students and reviews submitted

  4. From the student peer review page you can:
    1. Download Prompt Data
    2. Navigate between peer review assignments
    3. Access reviews given by the student and the related submissions
    4. Access reviews received by the student and the related submissions
    5. Email a student who has not given a peer review to the student

    Note: Refer to the Canvas Instructor Guides - Grades for information on assigning grades in Canvas.

    canvas - m-write student peer review page - list of reviews given and received

Last Updated: 
Tuesday, January 8, 2019