Document Imaging System: Import a Capture Profile


This one time setup allows the user to configure their Perceptive Content Client with their unit's preferred settings. This makes capturing documents easier for the user and more consistent across the unit. The inscan.xml file used for this process will be provided to you; either from the Document Imaging team or from a co-worker​

Import a Capture Profile

  1. Download the attached file in the email you received called inscan.xml. (May have another name but will be an .xml file)
  2. Sign into the Imaging Application/Perceptive Content.
  3. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the Capture Icon and select Manage Capture Profile.
    capture dropdown
  4. Click Import.
    capture dialogue box
  5. Change the Source to ImageNow Capture Profile and then click the folder icon to browse for where the inscan.xml file you downloaded in step one was saved to. (Usually your downloads folder) Select the inscan.xml file and click Open.
    profile wizard
  6. Click Next>.
    capture profile selection
  7. Select the checkboxes next to all of the profiles in the list.  It could be one or many. Then click Next>.
    mark profile
  8. Click Next> three more times as you do not need to take any actions on the other screens. Click the Finish button when you get to the last screen.
  9. The Capture Profiles you selected will now appear in your list of profiles.  Click Close. You can now use the new profile to capture documents.
    capture profiles list


Last Updated: 
Tuesday, November 20, 2018