M-Pathways: Special Handling of Financial Aid Distribution


A “Special Handling” request enables departments to specify a one-time mailing address or pick-up location for a financial aid disbursement check for a student whose refund needs to be handled outside of the normal refunding process.

An example of a Special Handling situation is when a student’s refund address is invalid in Wolverine Access and the student cannot update it.

For instructions on other methods for requesting exceptions to the normal financial aid disbursement process, refer to the two documents listed below, which are available on the ITS website.

  • Disbursement Overrides – This document details how to request, document, and execute the circumvention of an award’s disbursement rules or disbursement plan and split code.
  • Emergency Aid Disbursements – This document describes how to request that financial aid funds be distributed to students before the funds delivery date of the weekly accounts payable cycle. It includes options that enable a department to pick up and give the student the check, and for overriding direct deposit.

Special Handling Process

Step Who is Responsible Task to Complete
1 Awarding Office

Determines if Special Handling is necessary for an award scheduled on the next weekly Accounts Payable disbursement cycle. This may include verifying the student’s refund address is invalid in M-Pathways and that the student cannot update it in Wolverine Access.

To verify the disbursement date, refer to the appropriate Disbursement Calendar on the ITS website.

2 Awarding Office Completes the "Special Handling Request" form available on the ITS website and then emails it to the Office of Financial Aid (sfps@umich.edu) no later than 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday. This special handling is only good for that week’s disbursement cycle.
3 Office of Financial Aid Acknowledges the receipt of the departmental spreadsheet by return email.
4 Accounts Payable On Thursday evening, the check’s produced.
5 Teller Services

As instructed by the Office of Financial Aid email, Teller Services either:

  • Batches the check for pick up by either the department or the student after noon on Friday.
  • Mails the check on Friday morning to the one-time mail address given to Teller Services by OFA.
6 Awarding Office Communicates to the student the specific disbursement distribution instructions (e.g., pick-up location and office hours).
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