M-Pathways: Requesting Disbursement Overrides


On occasion, special student circumstances warrant circumvention of an award’s Disbursement Rules or Disbursement Plan and Split Code. This document provides the instructions for requesting, documenting, and executing Disbursement Overrides.

Note: Each awarding office defines the Disbursement Rules that are assigned in the setup of their Financial Aid Item Types (FAITs).

Business Process

  1. The awarding office enters the award on the Award Entry/Manual component for the student.

    Exception: The Office of Financial Aid (OFA) enters the awards for Supported Award Entry departments.

  2. The awarding office determines that the student does not meet one or more of the disbursement rules assigned to the specific FAIT, or that the student needs to receive funds prior to the first scheduled disbursement date for the award. Examples include:
    • The student will not enroll in courses because a Detached Study status has been approved.
    • The student will be allowed to enroll less than full-time for an award that has a full-time enrollment FAIT Disbursement Rule.
    • The student needs to receive funds for a Spring/Summer award prior the first scheduled disbursement. Winter term disbursement values should not be selected for Spring, Spring/Summer, and Summer term awards because that could result in an adjustment to the student’s need-based financial aid eligibility in the Winter term.
  3. The awarding office will send an email to the OFA (sfps@umich.edu) to authorize the Disbursement Override. The email message will contain:
    • “DISBURSEMENT OVERRIDE” in the subject line of the email message.
    • The student’s name and EmplID.
    • The FAIT number and Description.
    • The Aid Year, Term and Disbursement ID(s) for the award to be disbursed. It is important to note that the full amount of each Disbursement ID will be disbursed if an override is requested. This information is available on the Award Summary page at:
      Menu > Financial Aid > Awards > View Term Award Summary
      Click the Award Detail link next to the award(s) to identify the Disbursement ID and Term values.
    • The reason for the Disbursement Override.
  4. OFA will execute an on-line disbursement override and add a comment to the student’s financial aid record that outlines the reason for the override. Note that on-line disbursement completes both the Financial Aid disbursement and the Student Financials “post” processes. (These are normally two distinct processes when run in batch.)
  5. When the Disbursement Override has been executed, OFA will send a return message to the department noting that the Disbursement Override request is complete.
  6. Once the Disbursement Override is completed, any refund will be distributed to the student in the next weekly Accounts Payable interface. Refer to Distribution of Aid Disbursements for more information.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2018