M-Pathways: Guest Student Instructions – Direct Award Entry


Students must exist in M-Pathways before you can enter financial aid awards. If you need to enter an award for a Guest Student (a student who is not currently admitted to or enrolled in a University of Michigan degree or certificate program), follow the Guest Students instructions in this document before entering the award on the Assign Departmental Awards component in M-Pathways.

Business Process

The “Guest Student” process consists of the following high-level steps:

  1. Determine if the student exists in M-Pathways.
  2. If the student does not exist in M-Pathways, complete and submit the Guest Student Spreadsheet to OFA. OFA will email you the ID in order for you to enter the award into M-Pathways.

1. Determine if the student exists in M-Pathways.

Run Search/Match to determine if a student exists in M-Pathways.

If the student exists in M-Pathways, you may enter the award in the Assign Departmental Awards component.

2. Guest Student Spreadsheet Instructions

  1. Obtain the Guest Student Spreadsheet

    Download the Guest Student Spreadsheet. You can use the form in either its electronic format or print a paper copy.

  2. Complete the Guest Student Spreadsheet

    You may list multiple Guest Students on a single spreadsheet. You can enter information on the spreadsheet using Excel or filling out a paper copy.

    Each of the fields on the Guest Student Spreadsheet is listed below with specific instructions for completing the field:

    • Name: List last name, first name, and middle initial (if available).
    • Social Security Number: Enter as XXX-XX-XXX.
      • If the Guest Student does not have a Social Security Number, leave this field blank and see the instructions for “International Guest Students without Social Security Numbers” at the end of this section.
    • Country of Citizenship: Enter the Guest Student’s country of citizenship.
    • Gender: Enter one of the following values:
      • F = Female
      • M = Male
      • U = Unknown
    • Citizenship Status: Enter one of the following values:
      • 1 = U.S. Citizen
      • 2 = Permanent Resident
      • 3 = Non-Resident Alien
      • 4 = Non-Resident Alien Under Tax Treaty
    • Birthdate: Enter the date of birth as MM/DD/YY.
    • Ethnic Group: Enter one of the following values:
      • 0 = None
      • 1 = American Indian/Alaska Native
      • 2 = Asian/Pacific Islander
      • 3 = Black
      • 4 = Hispanic/Latino
      • 5 = Not Included Above
      • 6 = White
    • Permanent Address: List the Guest Student’s full permanent address, including country (if not U.S.).
      • The permanent address cannot be a University of Michigan department or residence hall address. A permanent address is required to meet University reporting requirements to the U.S. Department of Treasury.
    • Current Address: If a local address is known, enter street address, city, state, and zip code.
    • International Guest Students without Social Security Numbers:

      U.S. Department of Treasury reporting regulations require the University to provide a valid Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) for all funds disbursed to students, including Guest Students. If you have not provided a SSN on the Guest Student spreadsheet, it is your responsibility to ensure the student completes Form W-7 at the Payroll Office. This should occur before funds are given to the Guest Student. For more information, contact Payroll at 764-8250.

  3. Submit the Guest Student Spreadsheet

    You may submit a hardcopy or electronic copy of the Guest Student Spreadsheet to OFA using one of the following methods:

    1. Send the completed spreadsheet via Campus mail to:

      Office of Financial Aid
      Scholarship/Fellowship Processing
      2011 SAB – 1316

    2. Send the completed spreadsheet as an email attachment to: sfps@umich.edu. Enter “Guest Student Spreadsheet” in the email's Subject field.
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Wednesday, July 25, 2018