Planview Summer 2018 Upgrade - Overview of Changes

The drop-down menu on Work and Resource Management has changed


  • Work Breakdown
  • Work and Assignments
  • Resources and Assignments


  • Schedule - Previously named Work Breakdown. Displays the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) of the current project.
  • Schedule and Assignments - Previously named Work and Assignments. This displays the WBS and assigned resources for the current task.
  • Resources and Assignments - Displays resource data pivoted so resources are at the top and shows the tasks they are assigned to.

Easier access to a single resource’s assignments

Project Managers can View the Resource Management and Assignments screen for a single resource without creating a dedicated portfolio (requires that you have resource grants.) Click Resource Management and Assignments in the drop-down menu next to the resource.

Faster way to substitute resources

You can now drag and drop reserves and allocations from one or more resources to another resource.

Fewer clicks to baseline projects

Click baseline control on the Work and Resource Management screen.

Last Updated: 
Thursday, June 7, 2018