Custom URL for Google Sites

Are you aware that you can request a nicer public facing URL for your page? For example: You are affiliated with LSA and your current URL is You can have the ITS Collaboration Services team map your Google URL to a registered UMICH.EDU subdomain (in this case, LSA). So your new mapped URL could be

Here's what you need to do to map a Google site to a domain name URL:

  1. Contact your domain hosting service (DNS), local IT staff, or your hostmaster, and request that the CNAME to your page be set to
  2. Call 734-764-HELP or email to request that the ITS Collaboration Services team map the new URL to your Google Site.

*Once the ITS Collaboration Services team completes the mapping, it can take 24 to 48 hours for the new URL to be visible to users.

Don't forget!

  • The new URL must be a subdomain of UMICH.EDU
  • The site must be public to maintain the new domain name URL. If you require login to the site, the old domain name URL will reappear
  • Talk to your hostmaster, or whoever controls your DNS, to confirm the CNAME mapping
  • When the Google site page isn't public, the original Google URL shows. The easy URL will only act as a redirect
Last Updated: 
Friday, April 27, 2018