How To Share A Calendar


  1. Click Share Calendar.

Note: Depending on the size of the calendar window, the Share Calendar icon may appear smaller.

  1. Click in the To field and enter the name or e-mail address of an Exchange user.
  2. Check Request Permission to view the recipient’s Calendar.
  3. Select the information type to share from the Details drop-down list.

Note: The Detail types are:

  • Availability only (default): Time is shown as “Free”, “Busy”, “Tentative”, or “Out of Office”.
  • Limited Details: Includes the availability and subjects of calendar items.
  • Full details: Includes the availability and full details of calendar items.
  1. If applicable, enter an additional message to the recipient.
  2. Click Send.


  1. Click Permissions
  2. Select an Exchange user recipient.

Note: If the user is not listed, click Add User to search for them.

  1. Select information to share from the Permission Level drop-down list

Note: The Permission Level types are:

  • Free/Busy time: For calendar sharing only, read the free/busy information of calendar events
  • Free/Busy time, subject, location: For calendar sharing only, read the free/busy information, subject, and location of calendar events

Note: Custom permissions can be set with the grouped selections listed under the Permission Level.

  1. Click OK.
Last Updated: 
Tuesday, April 3, 2018