Follow Me Printing

What is Follow Me Printing?


Follow Me is a virtual print queue that holds your documents for up to 24 hours, letting you control where and when they get released. Follow Me printing minimizes frustration from accidentally printing to the wrong printer, printing to a device that is jammed or out of toner, or having someone accidentally grab your document before you get to the printer.


The following instructions will show you how to install the printer onto your machine. In most cases, this is a one-time process because after the printer is installed onto your computer you can then choose to print to it anytime you wish.

Using Follow Me?


Using Follow Me to print is a two-step process. First, you submit your document(s) to the Follow Me print queue. Then, you release your document(s) to the printer of your choice using one of our convenient methods. The MPrint Mobile app is designed to work with Follow Me. Learn more about the MPrint Mobile app.


You can submit documents to the Follow Me print queue by using any of these three methods:

  • Install Follow Me on your computer, then print to it like a regular printer
  • Upload documents to Follow Me from your smartphone using the MPrint Mobile app
  • Upload documents to Follow Me using the MPrint web page

Once you’ve submitted some jobs to Follow Me, you can release them to campus printers by either:

  • Installing the MPrint Mobile app on your smartphone
  • Swiping your Mcard on one of the many campus multifunction devices with an attached card reader
  • Logging into the MPrint Release page to release or cancel pending Follow Me jobs.


Last Updated: 
Friday, April 27, 2018