Google Team Drives Data Migration

What can be migrated to Team Drives?

Important You must have at least the Contributor role in the destination Team Drive.

  • Files of which you are Owner.
  • Several files at once by multi-selecting.

What cannot be migrated to Team Drives?

  • Folders cannot currently be migrated from My Drive to Team Drive.
  • Files and documents of which another person is the Owner.
  • If the Owner is no longer at the University of Michigan, you can submit a ticket to the Service Center and work with the Collaboration Services team.
  • The Collaboration Services team is unable to move files and documents that are owned by someone external to U-M.

How will this affect other collaborators?

Note Permissions explicitly granted on individual files will be preserved. Permissions granted on (or inherited from) folders are not copied.

  • File permissions and links are not changed.
  • People who are not members of the Team Drive can still access the file with previously granted permissions as long as those permissions are not inherited from a folder.
  • Files are no longer available from My Drive; they are moved to the Team Drive.
  • Moved files remain in the user's Shared with me and Recent locations.

How to move a file into Team Drives

Note The time it takes to move a document depends upon its size.

File was moved to Team Drive Migration Example. ITS | INF | Collaboration Services has lost access.

  • A version of the following alert appears if there are collaborators on the file’s original folder:

Some people may lose access. You are moving an item out of shared folder Team Migration Example, so people will lose access. Members of ITS | INF | Collaboration Services will gain access to this item.

Last Updated: 
Monday, October 2, 2017