Google Shared Drives (Team Drives) Data Migration

What can be migrated to shared drives (Team Drives)?

Important You must have at least the Contributor role in the destination shared drive (formerly known as Team Drive).

  • Files of which you are Owner.
  • Several files at once by multi-selecting.

What cannot be migrated to shared drives?

  • Folders cannot currently be migrated from My Drive to shared drives.
  • Files and documents of which another person is the Owner unless that owner is at least a Contributor in the shared drive.
  • If the Owner is no longer at the University of Michigan, you can submit a ticket to the Service Center and work with the Collaboration Services team.
  • The Collaboration Services team is unable to move files and documents that are owned by someone external to U-M.

How will this affect other collaborators?

Note Permissions explicitly granted on individual files will be preserved. Permissions granted on (or inherited from) folders are not copied.

  • File permissions and links are not changed.
  • People who are not members of the shared drive can still access the file with previously granted permissions as long as those permissions are not inherited from a folder.
  • Files are no longer available from My Drive; they are moved to the shared drive.
  • Moved files remain in the user's Shared with me and Recent locations.

How to move a file into shared drives

Note The time it takes to move a document depends upon its size.

File was moved to Team Drive Migration Example. ITS | INF | Collaboration Services has lost access.

  • A version of the following alert appears if there are collaborators on the file’s original folder:

Some people may lose access. You are moving an item out of shared folder Team Migration Example, so people will lose access. Members of ITS | INF | Collaboration Services will gain access to this item.

Last Updated: 
Tuesday, May 28, 2019