Accessing U-M Google via a mobile device, Google Sync

Quick start information

Setup your Google at U-M account on your mobile device.

ImportantBe sure to enter your U-M email address ( and UMICH password when setting up your mobile device.

WarningIf you use notes with another account (Personal Gmail, iCloud, etc.) do not turn notes on as it could remove existing notes from the device. 

See available mobile services and links to download or access each.

Security Note

Faculty and staff should never maintain sensitive regulated data on personally owned mobile devices. Users, including students, wishing to sync their U-M Google Mail account to their mobile device (smart phone, tablet) must ensure that their device is, at a minimum, protected by a password or pin. Please visit the U-M Safe Computing mobile device security site for additional privacy and security best practices.

Last Updated: 
Thursday, September 7, 2017