MiWorkspace: Onboarding - Create a Request from an Incident


This step-by-step procedure is designed for ITS Service Center staff and describes how to create a Request from an Incident in ServiceNow for MiWorkspace onboarding.


https://umichprod.service-now.com > Incident > Create New

Step-by-Step Procedure

Note:To toggle the Template Bar on, click the More options lookup icon in the Incident header and select Toggle Template Bar.

  1. Click More options lookup icon on the template bar.

  2. Search for and select MiWorkspace: Onboarding.

  3. Enter the Caller and Short Description.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Click Create Catalog Order.

  6. In the Short Description, modify the text in ALL CAPS to reflect the onboarding information.

  7. Enter, select, or lookup lookup icon values for applicable fields in the Variables section. Only those marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.

    • Expand More information as needed for applicable fields.

    • Selecting Yes in the Does Employee Need Hardware? and/or Is Employee Using a Shared Machine? field(s) will enable additional fields.

  8. Enter applicable Work notes or Additional comments (Customer visible).

  9. Click Save when all necessary fields are complete.

  10. Right click (Windows) or two-finger click (Mac) the top bar of the task window and select Assign Neighborhood from the drop-down menu. The TASK and the RITM will reassign to the appropriate Neighborhood IT assignment group automatically.



MiWorkspace Onboarding Task Workflow

Note: If no hardware is needed, all applicable tasks are kicked off in parallel.

oboarding task workflow: The next set of tasks will all be kicked off in parallel if the answer to the questions are Yes:•	Set Executive Support Flag in ServiceLink (assigned to Access and Accounts)•	Provision Crashplan (assigned to Access and Accounts)•	Prep or Request Loaner•	Set up Universal Home Directory•	Order HardwareNote: Not all tasks will have to be closed in order for new tasks to be kicked off.Once the  Order Hardware task has been closed the next tasks to be kicked off are:•	Prestage/Build Workstation•	Identify Hardware/Tag for InventoryBoth Prestage/Build Workstation and Identify Hardware/Tag for Inventory have to be closed to have the next task kicked off:•	Hand Install Apps, Provision Access, and Unit Specific ActivitiesAfter Identify Hardware / Tag for Inventory, Coordinate Software License, and Hand Install Apps, Provisions Access, and Unit Specific Activities tasks are closed these remaining tasks will be kicked off:•	Restore User Data from User State Migration•	Deliver to Customer / Day 1 OrientationNote:  If Depot is providing hardware there is an additional step to delivery device to NIT before Hand Install Apps, Provision Access, and Unit Specific Act ivies. Note:  When No hardware is needed all tasks are kicked off in parallel.

Last Updated: 
Monday, October 22, 2018