Voicemail: Leaving Voicemail Without Calling Someone Else's Phone

To leave a message in someone's Exchange voice mailbox without ringing their phone:

  1. Dial your voicemail access number.

  2. If you are using your desk phone, press star (*) after hearing "Welcome".

If you are using another phone, go to step 3.

  1. After hearing "To Contact Someone," press #.

  2. After hearing "If You Know the Extension," press #.

  3. Enter your 10-digit phone number.

  4. Press # to compose and leave a message.

Note: If you do not press # to leave a message, your phone will start dialing the number.

When Someone Attempts to Send Me a Fax, They Hear My Voicemail Greeting.

Advise senders not to hang up when they hear your greeting. After the greeting, your phone will respond to the fax tones and allow a connection.


Last Updated: 
Monday, February 13, 2017