Voicemail: Additional Exchange Voicemail Features


Additional Exchange Voicemail features are available for you to set up in Outlook Web App (OWA).

  • Voicemail Preview
    converts voice to text on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Reset my PIN
    gives you a temporary PIN in an email message. A temporary PIN will be sent to your umich email account if forwarding is set up. Alternatively, the temporary PIN message will be in your OWA inbox. The next time you log into your voicemail you will be prompted to change it.

  • Call Answering Rules
    determine how calls are handled when you do not answer.

    Actions the Caller Can Select

    • Find Me
      • Forwards calls to other numbers.
      • Requires caller to say his/her name before leaving a message.
    • Transfer
      • Regular transfer to another number.
      • Forward
        • Forward voice messages to other mailboxes.
    • Leave a Voice Message
      • Caller presses # to record a voice message.
    Note:This rule is setup by default, but can be disabled.


  • Automatically forward voice messages to other mailboxes
    forward voice messages to other mailboxes.

  • Personal Operator
    will allow callers to be forwarded to another phone by pressing zero. Send email to itcom.csr.evm@umich.edu to have this feature enabled (or disabled).

  • Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
    lets you know when a new unopened message is in your mailbox.

  • Full mailbox notification
    indicates when you are approaching a full Exchange mailbox. When your mailbox is full, you will not receive voicemail messages, nor will they be forwarded to email. Once old messages are deleted any new voicemails will appear.

  • Find Me (Call Answering Rule)
    forwards calls to other numbers.

  • Transfer (Call Answering Rule)
    transfers calls to another number.

  • Personal Operator
    allows callers to transfer to another phone while listening to your mailbox greeting.

  • Non-University Phone Numbers
    allows you to log on to your mailbox with just your PIN from one or more additional phones.

  • Additional University Phone Numbers
    allows extensions on one phone to share one mailbox.

Last Updated: 
Monday, February 13, 2017