Voicemail: Accessing Exchange Voicemail via Outlook Web Access (OWA)


Outlook Web App (OWA) connects to your Exchange mailbox using a browser on any networked computer. Use any supported web browser to connect to https://exchange.umich.edu/ and sign in. OWA automatically opens your Inbox when you log on.

Note:Please make certain you are using a new browser or a Private/Incognito window in your browser when accessing OWA to prevent issues with multiple login credentials.

Log Into OWA

  1. Enter your 10-digit phone number (no spaces or dashes) in the User Name field.
  2. Enter your Password.

Note:If you can't remember your password, contact the Telecommunications Analysts for assistance.

Note:Exchange Voicemail passwords for the Outlook Web Application require a strong password that is at least nine characters, combines upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.

Select "Private" or "Public" Computer depending on the computer you are using. Do not select "Use the light version”, unless you are on a slow connection or are using a computer with strict browser security settings.

Using Email Application To Receive and Listen to Voicemail

If your uniqname is provided at the time your voicemailbox is set up, copies of your voicemail messages are forwarded to youruniqname@umich.edu and you can open them in your designated email application. Most email programs will include your message as a sound file (.wav) that you can open with your computer's sound or music player.

Note: Deleting voicemail messages or attachments from within an email program does not delete them from your voicemailbox. To delete messages from your voicemailbox, you can use your phone or OWA—or you can set up a rule to delete each voicemail message from your Exchange voicemailbox just after it is transferred to your email mailbox. See Setting Up a Rule to Delete Voicemail Messages.

Removing Items From Exchange Deleted Items Folder

There are three ways messages in your Deleted Items Folder are removed:

  • You can set a Rule to remove all deleted messages upon log off.
  • You can manually remove individual or all messages from your Deleted Items Folder.
  • The system will automatically remove deleted messages from Voicemail Only accounts once a week on Saturday except for those messages put into the folder the day before.
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Friday, February 10, 2017