ExamScan: Viewing Scanned Exams in U-M Box (Students)

This is a QuickStart Guide for students using Box to access scanned assignments.

For more information on using Box, the following resources are available:

Log into your Box account before the first assignment

Go to box.it.umich.edu. You will be taken to the weblogin page to log in or (if already logged in) directly to your Box account.

If you get an error, you may have a Box account that is not in the Michigan enterprise. Open a ticket with the ITS Service Center to have your account moved into the U-M enterprise.

Access course assignments

By Folder

The assignments for your course will be in a Box folder in your account labeled with the term, course name and your uniqname (e.g. FA15-CHEM210-uniqname). This folder will contain scanned copies of your graded assignments for that course:


                        |-- uniqname-assignment1

                        |-- uniqname-assignment2

                        |-- etc

NOTE: Your folder will be created in Box in advance of your first exam. At that point it will be empty. Don’t worry. As soon as your first exam is graded and scanned, you’ll find it in that folder.

By Search

Individual assignments can be found by searching Box in the browser using your course name as the search term, e.g. CHEM210.

Keep your own copy

You can make download your scanned assignment and/or make a copy in your own Box account.

Series of Box commands

While in the folder containing your assignments, click the boxes to the right to select them, then click the down arrow (first icon) above the file list to download or the Move/Copy icon (next to the trash can) to copy it to another folder in your Box account.

Last Updated: 
Tuesday, January 17, 2017