ExamScan: Regrade Requests

Student Instructions

  1. Download the Regrade Request form using URL provided by instructor.

  2. Complete the form and save the file using naming convention determined by instructor.

  3. Email your completed form as an attachment to the email address given to you by the instructor. (You will receive an email confirming that your upload was successful)

    NOTE The email you send will not be read.  All information must be on the form.

  4. Once your regrade request has been processed, it will be moved into your Box exam folder with your instructor's comments.

Instructor Instructions

Prepare Box folder and MCommunity group (before the first exam)

  1. Create a folder within your course folder to accept regrade requests (e.g. FA15-CHEM210 Regrades).

  2. Find the Upload Email Address for that folder.

    1. Open your regrades folder.

    2. Click More and select Folder Settings.

    3. In the Uploading section, check “Allow uploads to this folder via email” to show the email to add to the MCommunity group.


  3. Create an MCommunity group to provide an easy email address (e.g., chem210regrade).

  4. Enter the Upload Email Address as member of the group.

Accepting Regrade Requests (after each exam)

  1. When the exam is over, check “Allow uploads to this folder via email” in the Folder Settings in Box (see above).

  2. Following the instructions above, student emails their request to MCommunity group which uploads it into the regrade folder.

  3. If students name the files correctly, they will be in alpha order by uniqname, so easy to correlate with the exam folders (make sure that Box is set to sort by name).

  4. Retrieve these regrade requests from the regrade folder.

  5. Note Because these are fillable forms, add comments to the fields next to their requests as you do regrades.

  6. Move the completed request into the student’s exam folder where they can download or view it.

Closing Regrade Requests (when the request period is over)

  1. When the regrade close time has passed, uncheck the “Allow uploads to this folder via email.”

    1. open Regrade Request folder.

    2. click More and select Folder Settings.

    3. in the Uploading section, uncheck  “Allow uploads to this folder via email.”

  2. The folder should be empty and ready for the next exam.

Last Updated: 
Tuesday, January 17, 2017