ExamScan: Viewing Scanned Exams in U-M Box (Instructors)

This QuickStart Guide is for instructors using Box to manage scanned assignments.

Become familiar with Box

For more information on using Box, the following resources are available:

Note These instructions apply to the original Box User Experience. If you are using the All New Box interface, the specifics will be different. (To return to the original experience, click the question mark (?) at the top and click Need to switch back to the old Box Experience? Click here.

Log into your Box account before the first assignment

Go to box.it.umich.edu. You will be taken to the weblogin page to log in or (if already logged in) directly to your Box account.

If you get an error, you may have a Box account that is not in the Michigan enterprise. Open a ticket with the ITS Service Center to have your account moved into U-M Box.

Access course assignments and exams in Box

By Folder

The assignments for students in your course will be in a Box folder in your account labeled with the term and course name (e.g. FA15-CHEM210). The diagram below shows the structure within that folder (using the names provided on the assignment cover sheet):


                        |-- FA15-CHEM210-STUDENTA

                        |           |-- STUDENTA-exam1

                        |           |-- STUDENTA-exam2

                        |           |-- etc

                        |-- FA15-CHEM210-STUDENTB

                        |           |-- STUDENTB-exam1

                        |           |-- STUDENTB-exam2

                        |           |-- etc

                        |-- etc

By Search

Individual assignments can be found by searching Box in the browser with the search term uniqname-assignment (substitute the student’s uniqname and assignment name).

Add additional instructors

If you need to add instructors, please send email with the name and uniqname of the instructor to add and the course ID (e.g. CHEM210) to box-examscan@umich.edu (or 4HELP@umich.edu).

Unknown scans

Assignments or exams that are missing labels will be in the Coursename – Inbox folder (e.g. FA15-CHEM210 – Inbox) as loose files titled #unknownN.pdf, where N=a sequential number. These exams must be renamed.

1. Identify the student and rename the exam

  1. Open the Coursename – Inbox folder. Sort the folder contents by name using ExamScan Up Down Arrow
  2. If necessary, click on the “# of #” button at the top of the page to select the last page.
    TIP: you can increase the number of items per page from 20 up to 100 in your Box Account Settings under your name.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the window to find the unknown files.
  4. Click the file to view it and read the student’s name from the cover sheet, then close the preview by clicking the X.
  5. Hover over the file name and click the pencil to rename the file to uniqname-assignmentname, following the naming convention used for that assignment or exam (e.g. STUDENTA-Exam2).

2. Move the file into the student’s folder

  • If exams have not yet been moved into student folders, the previous unknowns will be processed with the automatically named files. You’re ready to give the green light.
  • If the exams with proper uniqnames have already been processed and distributed into student folders:

Send email to box-examscan@umich.edu (or 4HELP@umich.edu), requesting that the renamed files be distributed to students


You can move the renamed students’ exams into their folder (e.g. FA15-CHEM210-STUDENTA)

Regrade process

See the page ExamScan: The Regrade Process for student and instructor instructions for managing the regrade process.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017