BlueCat: Basic BlueCat Information


Information on BlueCat and how to use it.

Basic information only is below. Full information on using BlueCat Address Manager can be found by clicking on the following link:

If you cannot access that, please contact



BlueCat Terminology

  • "BlueCat" is the company.
  • "Address Manager" is the main BlueCat server, holding the database of DNS, DHCP, and related information, and the web interface. Previously called "Proteus," and the hostname still reflects that. Sometimes abbreviated as "BAM."
  • “DNS/DHCP” servers are the DNS and DHCP servers that get their data from the BlueCat Address Manager and serve it to clients. Previously called “Adonis,” and the hostnames reflect that. Sometimes abbreviated “BDDS.”
  • “Object” is a generic term – an “IP Address,” “Network,” “Network Block,” “DNS Domain, “MAC Address,” etc. are all treated as “Objects” in the BlueCat database and can have various information attached to them, like a name, comment, access rights, tags, and even custom fields. Every object has an ID number.
  • "Network" means a subnet.
  • "Block" is an IP Address range, can contain one or more Networks, other blocks, or be empty.

Web Browser

The BlueCat Address Manager user interface is officially supported on Internet Explorer 9/10/11, Firefox 25 or greater, and Chrome 35 or greater. In order for BlueCat Address Manager to run properly, your browser should allow pop-ups and have cookies and JavaScript enabled. Other browsers will probably work.

Server Names

The production server is at

The test server is at Contact to get an account.


Login to BlueCat using your uniqname and Kerberos password.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017