Canvas: Preparing Final Grades for Wolverine Access

Canvas allows you to download a final grade file that you can modify and upload to Wolverine Access. This page describes the standard process used at U-M. Your department or school may have a different grade policy.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BLANK SQUARES IN GRADES: If you want an empty square to equal a score of zero, you must either type 0 (zero) into each of the squares, or do the following: hover over an assignment title, click the little downward arrow, choose "Set the Default Grade," fill in the grade, and leave "Overwrite already-entered grades" unchecked. (The option to “Treat ungraded as zero” is only for previewing and will not translate empty squares to zeros when the grades are downloaded.)

1. Apply a grading scheme in Canvas

By default, Canvas displays grades as % or points. To calculate final grades as letters (or another acceptable grade format) you must first apply either a currently-defined grading scheme or a grading scheme you created or modified.

You can apply a grading scheme at any point, including before the course is published or while you are calculating final grades. Please note that you cannot edit the default grading scheme.

When the course grading scheme has been set, you will see the letter grade in the "Total" column of the Gradebook along with the % or points.

Students also can see their final letter grade.

2. Download the CSV grade file from Canvas

See instructions for downloading a CSV file from Canvas

Mac users should save the Canvas download .csv as a Windows file version before modifying and uploading.

3. Modify the CSV file for uploading

A. Open the file in Excel or another spreadsheet application.

B. Check to make sure the "Current Grades" column and "Final Grades" column are the same. If these are different, it's an indication that there were blank squares when you downloaded the .csv.

C. Delete all columns except:

  • one of the following: "SIS User ID" (an 8-digit number) or "SIS Login ID" (uniqname)
  • The "Final Grade" column (the last column with entries)

D. Delete the first several rows (the rows with header information).

E. Save your spreadsheet.

4. Upload the CSV file to Wolverine Access

See more details about preparing and uploading a CSV file to Wolverine Access.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016