Canvas: Course Manager Tool

The Canvas Course Manager tool allows U-M instructors and support staff to:

  • Add sections to an existing Canvas course (For detailed instructions, click Help in the Course Manager tool's window.)
  • Enroll students in course sections (For detailed instructions, click Help in the Course Manager tool's window.)
  • Add non-UM external users to a Canvas course (For detailed instructions, click Help in the Course Manager tool's window.)
  • Format grades from the Gradebook for error-free uploading to M-Pathways. (For detailed instructions, see below.)

Course Manager is visible only to Teachers, course support staff, and unit administrators with U-M uniqnames. It is invisible to students (i.e., it does not appear in the left hand navigation for them). You can verify this if you like by checking Student View for your course.

Adding sections to your Canvas course

To add a section to a Canvas course, your department must have included you as an official instructor (Primary Instructor, Secondary Instructor, Graduate Student Instructor, or Faculty) for the class in M-Pathways.

Removing a section

If you need to completely remove a section from all your courses, contact the ITS Service Center.

Sections where you’re not the instructor of record

If your department hasn’t included you as in instructor on a particular section, contact contact the ITS Service Centerto have the section added to your course.

Canvas Administrators

Canvas administrators cannot use CCM to combine sections (unless they are an official instructor in the classes in M-Pathways).

Adding non-UM external users to your Canvas course

To add external users, you must have an appropriate course role in Canvas (Admin, Teacher, TA, Assistant or Designer). Students, Observers and Librarians will not be able to use CCM.

If the person you’re adding has not previously used Canvas at U-M, he or she will be sent an email with instructions on how to create a password and with a link to Canvas. You will not receive an email yourself.

No other emails are sent automatically; some instructors choose to send an individual email to the users letting them know they've been added to the course.

Removing users

To delete someone who was added with the Course Management tool or to change their role, use the Canvas People tool.

Generating a .csv formatted grade file for uploading to the Faculty Center

The Grade Export File Formatter tool in the Canvas Course Manager can be used to reformat a CSV File from the Grades tool into an acceptable format for uploading to the Faculty Center.

1. Make sure you have enabled a grading scheme in the course. (Click Settings in the the course site's left navigation, check "Enable course grading scheme" and set the grading scheme.)

2. Export the gradebook CSV file. (Click Grades in the left navigation, click Export on the right, and choose CSV File.)

3. Click U-M Course Manager in the course site's left navigation and click Gradebook CSV Formatter in the upper-right.

4.a. Either click Choose File and navigate to the exported .csv file (usually in the "Downloads" folder).


4.b. Find the file on your computer and drag it to "Drag file here."

A new version, correctly formatted, will download with "-GEFF.csv" appended to the filename.

5. Click Go to Faculty Center to submit the grades to M-Pathways.

Last Updated: 
Thursday, November 30, 2017