Canvas: Options for Adding Weblinks

There are several ways to provide links for students in your Canvas course.

Put links directly into Announcements, Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions or Pages

For external sites, use the link icon in the editor

Example: Image link example (click it):

Image of batman

How to: To create an image or text link, select the image or textand then click the link icon in the rich texteditor.

Image Link Icon

Image of Link in Rich Text Editor

To link to content within the course site, use the Insert Content panel to the right of the editor

How to: When you create a new page, assignment, announcement, etc., the editor will open. To the right of the editor window you will see the Insert Content panel.

Place your cursor where you want a link to appear or select text or an image. Then click Links or Files and choose the item you want to link. Click Images to choose an image to insert.

Tab window with definitions

Put an external or internal link in a Module


Module with Item

How to:

  1. To the right of a module name, click the plus + button.
  2. In the Add drop-down menu:
    • To link to an external website, choose External URL.
    • To link to an item within the course site, choose a category from the drop-down menu and then choose the specific item.
  3. Click Add Item.


    Add Item to Module Box

Use the Redirect tool to add an external link to the left-hand navigation

The Redirect tool is similar to the Web Content tool in CTools.


Links to External Sites in Navigation

How to:

  1. 1. Click Settings in the left-hand navigation, select Apps, and then locate the Redirect tool:


    Redirect tool icon
  2. Click to open the Redirect tool and click the Add App button:


    Add app button
  3. In the Add App box that opens


    • Enter a name for the web resource, which appear in the left-hand course navigation menu.
    • Enter the URL of the website or webpage.
    • If desired, check Force open in new tab (if unchecked, the website will display within the Canvas site rather than its own browser tab).
    • Check Show in Course Navigation.
    • Click Add App.
    • To see the new web resource link in the left-hand course navigation, refresh the page.

Create a text document containing a list of relevant links and upload it to the Files tool

This could be either a Word doc, PDF or any other text document.

Learn about uploading a file to a course.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017