Forwarding Your U-M Email Using the MCommunity Directory

This document explains how to use forwarding addresses in the MCommunity Directory to have email that is sent to your address forwarded to any email account you choose. The MCommunity Directory mail forwarding address is checked when email is sent to any address, and then the email is forwarded to any address(es) listed there. This process means that you can keep your email address, even if your email needs to be routed elsewhere.

What Is Email Forwarding?

Email forwarding is a service that re-routes email sent to your email address (e.g., "") to your "real" email account. When you change email providers, you can change the email address you have listed in the email forwarding list, and future messages will be forwarded to your new email account. This feature allows you to demonstrate your pride in being affiliated with U-M while taking advantage of the convenience of a permanent email address.

Changing or Adding Your Email Forwarding Address

If you change email providers and/or addresses, be sure to update your mail forwarding address.

  1. Navigate to the MCommunity Directory, click Log in, and enter your uniqname and UMICH password into the appropriate fields.

  2. Click the My Profile link to get to your profile.

  3. In your profile, click the Settings tab.

  4. To add a mail forwarding address, click the Add Forwarding Address link. If you currently use a U-M email service, there will already be a mail forwarding address listed. If it ends in, do not remove it. Addresses such as and are made available there for you by U-M mail administrators. These are the addresses that correspond to your mailbox. Do not remove any of these addresses without first checking with your local departmental administrator or the ITS Service Center.

    Screenshot of Add Forwarding Address link.

  5. Type in the complete email address to which you want your U-M mail forwarded. You can have multiple forwarding addresses if you want copies of your mail sent to you at more than one email account. Then click Save Changes.

    Screenshot of adding an address and saving the changes.

  6. You will see confirmation that your email forwarding address was saved.

    Important! Please delete any email addresses that you are no longer using. If you have more than one address listed, copies of your mail will be sent to all of those addresses.

Your U-M Email Forwarding Address

If You Use U-M Google Mail

Your email address is made up of your uniqname and the address of the U-M Google Mail service.

Your address would be

For example, if your uniqname were bjensen, your email forwarding address would be

If You Use the Michigan Medicine Outlook/Exchange Service

Your email address is composed of your uniqname and the address of the Michigan Medicine Outlook/Exchange service.

Your address would be

For example, if your uniqname were bjensen, your email forwarding address would be

If You Use a Non-UM Email Provider

Use the address provided by your email service provider.

Last Updated: 
Thursday, April 8, 2021