Box: Using Single Sign On


All U-M Box accounts are required to use Single Sign On (SSO) with uniqname and UMICH password to login (as long as the app’s login allows it). If you previously set up an external password with your account, it does not work where SSO is supported. External passwords continue to be used for FTPS, WebDAV and third party (non-core) apps not able to use SSO. If you see a link to use SSO, do so.

Tip: takes you directly to the U-M WebLogin page.

Using the Web App 

When logging into, click Sign In with login screen

When logging into, click login screen

Using Other Apps

Pay special attention to Box Sync and mobile apps. They typically don’t ask for a password after the first login. A UMICH password is needed when you log in with the account.

Box for Office

  1. Click Sign login screen
  2. Click Use Single Sign login screen

Box Sync

Click Use Single Sign On (SSO) login screen

Shared Accounts

Since Box shared folders appear in collaborators’ Box accounts, there is rarely a need to log into a Box shared account directly. Single Sign On (SSO) is required to do so.

Password Resets

Password resets for shared accounts can be requested by an Owner of the MCommunity group associated with the account. Because MCommunity groups can have many owners, we ask that you check with the other co-owners to make sure one has not already been requested.

Last Updated: 
Tuesday, June 27, 2017