Salesforce: Add Contact or Affiliation

A Contact is an individual who has a record within Salesforce. All University community members (i.e., staff, faculty, students) have Contact records. Records for non-UM individuals are created as needed. 

Contacts are affiliated with, or linked to, an Account. Accounts are organizations, such as businesses and schools, who work with or want to work with the University. Accounts are generally external to U-M, but internal U-M groups and clubs which are involved with a project being tracked in Salesforce may also have Account records.

Important Notes

  • Always search for an individual to verify a record does not exist before creating a new record.
  • Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). 
  • Roll over the question marks (?) for additional information about a field. Not all fields have question marks. 

Search for a Contact

  1. Click Add Contact or Affiliation on the Home tab. 
  2. Search for the Contact by name, uniqname and/or email. 
    • If the Contact is not found after the initial search, perform the search again using a different piece of information, if available. This will help prevent duplicate records. 
  3. If the Contact is not found, continue to Enter New Contact.
    If the Contact is found, click Next and go to Enter New Affiliation.

Note: A Contact search can also be performed by doing the following:

  1. Search for the Contact by name, uniqname and/or email using the Search bar at the top the Salesforce page. 
  2. If the Contact is found, select it to open the Contact record. Click Add Affiliation and continue to Enter New Affiliation.
    If the Contact is not found, follow steps 1 and 3 above, then continue to Enter New Contact.

Enter New Contact

  1. Check the Contact cannot be found box. 
  2. Click Next
  3. Enter a Prefix, First Name, Middle Name and Last Name.
    • Only the First Name and Last Name are required. Prefix and Middle Name should be entered as available and based on your office’s business process. 
  4. Click Next.

Enter New Affiliation

  1. Review the list of Contact’s Existing Affiliations. If the Affiliation is not in the list or the list is empty, choose one of the following options: 
    • Create New Affiliation
    • Create Alumni Affiliation
    • Create Administrative Account Affiliation
      • Use this option for any affiliation that is not to an Account. For example, Administrative Affiliations can be used to store personal email addresses for a Contact. 
      • Note: If an Administrative Affiliation already exists, you will not see this option. 
  2. Click Next.
    • For existing contacts only: If the Affiliation is in the list, click the radio button next to the Account name and click Next. Since the Contact and Affiliation were already set up in Salesforce, no new information is added to either record, and there are no further steps.
  3. Search for the Account.
    • If the organization’s name can be written in different ways, be sure to search for all known names (e.g., search by General Motors and GM). 
  4. After searching: 
    • If the Account does not exist, check the Cannot Find Account box and click Next. Follow the instructions in the Create an Account document to complete the Account setup, then continue to step 12. 
    • If the Account is found by searching,  click Next.

Note: The information entered on the Add Affiliation window is for the Contact as it relates to their work with the Account. For example, John Smith works at Ann Arbor Bank and is vice president of the Rotary Club. When his Affiliation with Ann Arbor Bank is created, the title, email, phone and address entered are what he uses when working at the bank. When performing Rotary Club duties, he uses his personal email, mobile number, and home address; that information is entered when creating his Rotary Club Affiliation. 

  1. Enter the Contact’s Title (required).
  2. Enter the Contact’s Email Address (required).
  3. Enter the Contact’s Affiliation Phone number. 
  4. If the Contact’s address should be the same as the Account address displayed at the top of the page, check the Use this Address for the Affiliation. Otherwise, enter the Affiliation Street, Affiliation City, Affiliation State, Affiliation Zip Code and Affiliation Country
  5. Click Next
  6. The Contact record is created.
    • Additional Affiliations can be recorded for the Contact by clicking Create Affiliation on the Contact record. 
Last Updated: 
Thursday, March 17, 2022