Using Sites Software Remotely with Virtual Sites

Virtual Sites is like a big, virtual computer lab that students can access from any stable internet connection. Anyone with an active U-M account is eligible to use Virtual Sites, but many software titles are limited to Ann Arbor use only. Users can access Virtual Sites hassle-free from any web browser. Alternatively, they can install the desktop client program for more control over many aspects of the user experience, such as full screen view, printing to local printers, Follow Me or MPrint printers, or storing files locally.

Getting Started

Virtual Sites can be accessed two different ways at

Access from a Web Browser (HTML) VMWare Horizon Client (local install)

Benefits include:

  • Quick access
  • No install needed

Benefits include:

  • Full screen view
  • Print using local printer
  • Access to local storage
WARNING: Your connection may be terminated if your session lasts longer than 24 hours. You will receive a warning 30 minutes in advance. After a Virtual Sites session is terminated, session data is deleted within 15 minutes.
Virtual Sites does not save files automatically.

Saving Files When Using Virtual Sites

Do not save to the virtual computer's desktop. Files on the virtual computer's desktop will be deleted after your session ends.

VMware Horizon Client users can configure Kumo to save to a drive local to their machine from Virtual Sites. For full background and instructions, please see Configuring Kumo.

Kumo Quick Steps

  1. Click Setup from the prompt within AppsAnywhere, or visit the Kumo website.
  2. Click Log in to sign in to Kumo with your uniqname and UMICH password.
    Note For U-M Google Drive, you may have to enter your email address before Kumo will prompt you to allow authorization.
  3. Authorize each cloud service by clicking the dropdown to open the cloud service details and then clicking Authorize.
  4. If desired, you can remove Kumo's access to U-M Box or U-M Google Drive by clicking the Deauthorize button
Important: Save often. You may lose your work if your network connection is interrupted while using Virtual Sites.

Download & Configure VMWare Horizon Client

Benefits of using the desktop client include full screen view of the desktop, being able to print using a local printer, and using a USB drive to store documents.

  1. Visit Select Install VMWare Horizon Client.
  2. Choose the 64-bit version for most Windows computers. Older computers may require the 32-bit version.
    1. If you have a MiWorkspace computer, follow the self-install process using Software Center to install the VMWare Horizon Client on your device:
      1. Install Software Using Software Center for MiWorkspace Windows
      2. Install Software Using Managed Software Center for MiWorkspace Macs
  3. Open the VMWare Horizon Client and add as your connection server.

Connection Instructions

  1. Enter your uniqname and UMICH password.
  2. Select the Virtual Sites option to connect.
    NOTE Other connection options may be available, depending on your school/college or unit. For example, College of Engineering students will have additional options for Engineering-related software.

Software on Virtual Sites

Virtual Sites provides access to university-licensed specialty software. If you have a Mac, you are also able to use Windows-only software in Virtual Sites. Due to licensing agreements, a few software titles may only be available at physical Sites locations.

Access to software on Campus Computing Sites computers, including Virtual Sites, is granted based on your affiliation with the university.

Check out the software list to see a full list of available titles.

Last Updated: 
Thursday, September 3, 2020