Connect to BlueJeans Conference via Telephone Call

BlueJeans provides the ability to join a BlueJeans meeting via a telephone call.  A telephone call will only allow audio.

    Dial the appropriate number on your device:

    • Elsewhere in the United States call: 1.312.216.0325
    • Canada call: 1.416.900.2956
    • For International calls look up the number at
    1. When prompted enter the Meeting ID e.g. 924769751.
    2. Press the pound (#) key.
    3. If you have been provided a passcode enter the Passcode  e.g. 1434.
    4. Press the pound (#) key. You will be placed into the meeting. Note:  Introduce yourself or some may not know you’re on the call.
    5. Click the Audio icon (#4 on the telephone keypad) to mute or un-mute.
    6. End the call to leave the meeting.
    Last Updated: 
    Thursday, March 5, 2020