Proposal Management: Search for Awards with PAF Query (ORSP)


PAF Query allows you to search across all PAFs with options to search by PAF ID, Title, and Award ID. This procedure demonstrates how to search for an Award using PAF Query.


Role: Any ORSP role > PAF Query

Step-by-Step Process


  1. Click PAF Query.
  2. Enter the search criteria.
    • You may enter as many criteria as needed to refine/narrow your search.
    • When you enter more than one criteria, your search will need to match all entries.
  3. Click Search or press Enter.


  • A link to the AWD ID workspace will display in the search results.
  • Use Filter by to refine/narrow search results.
    • Can limit search results based on project status, e.g., Pre-Submission, Submitted, or Awarded.
Last Updated: 
Tuesday, October 8, 2019