Wireless Screen Sharing Using the Google Chrome Browser

Note: This approach works for many device types, including Chromebooks.

  1. Use the WiFi setup features of your device to connect to the special WiFi network available in your conference room. The network name and password will be shown on the display screen in the room. It may take a few seconds for the network to appear in the list.
  2. Launch Google Chrome.
  3. Click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser (three vertical dots).
  4. Click the Cast option from the drop-down menu and select the 
  5. To stop casting, click the Cast option again and deselect the screen.

Hints and Troubleshooting

  • If you are having trouble with wireless screen sharing from any device, this option serves as a good fallback. The screen response time may be slightly slower, so it’s recommended that you try to use other options first.

Disconnecting From the Conference Room’s WiFi

  • When you are done working in the conference room, change your WiFi network back to MWireless for the best network performance. This may happen automatically when you leave the room. You can also use your device’s features to disable automatically joining the room’s WiFi network.
Last Updated: 
Thursday, March 21, 2019