Wireless Screen Sharing with an iPhone/iPad

iOS uses Apple’s AirPlay technology for wireless screen sharing. AirPlay is supported on iOS 5 and higher.

Connection Steps

  1. On the iOS device, go to Settings > WiFi. Select the network for your conference room (for example: asb-2015). The network name and password will be shown on the display screen in the room. It may take a few seconds for the network to appear in the list.
  2. Enter the password for the WiFi network, then tap the Join button.
  3. Once connected, swipe up from the bottom of the device screen to display the Control Center (for iPhone X, swipe down from the upper right).
  4. Tap the “AirPlay” or “Screen Mirroring” option to display a list of available AirPlay devices, and select the conference room display. Your device’s screen will be mirrored on the display. Close the Control Center by either swiping down or pressing the Home button.

When you are done sharing, return to the Control Center, tap AirPlay or Screen Mirroring and tap the conference room display.

Hints and Troubleshooting

Depending upon the application, the image on the screen can be rotated by turning the device 90 degrees. This will allow you to use the full screen space.

If your device goes to sleep while you are displaying, you will need to reconnect via the Control Center. To avoid this, go to Settings > Display & Brightness and change Auto-Lock value to a longer period or “Never”.

Disconnecting From the Conference Room’s WiFi

  • When you are done working in the conference room, change your WiFi network back to MWireless for the best network performance. This may happen automatically when you leave the room. You can also use your device’s features to disable automatically joining the room’s WiFi network.


Last Updated: 
Wednesday, March 20, 2019