Connect to UMVPN using built-in macOS client (MiWorkspace Mac)


The UMich VPN is automatically installed on all MiWorkspace Mac devices and is used to access your home directory and department drives. The UMICH VPN will have a choice for ‘Connect UMICH VPN (tunnel everything)’ or ‘Connect UMICH VPN (tunnel only UM Activity)

  • Customers should choose ‘Connect UMICH VPN (tunnel everything)’ if they are on an unknown, or untrusted network, like a coffee shop or airport. Use this choice if the network is unknown.
  • Customers should choose ‘Connect UMICH VPN (tunnel only UM Activity)’ if they are on a known, trusted network, like their home network

Sensitive Data Users

MiWorkspace Mac users who work with sensitive data are asked to take the added precaution of always using the Connect UMICH VPN (tunnel everything) connection when using a wireless connection or an off-campus connection of any kind. This provides enhanced network protection for the university's sensitive data. The Connect UMICH VPN (tunnel everything) is automatically installed on your device. If you use a MiWorkspace Mac device and store sensitive data and this option is not available on your device, please request it from the ITS Service Center.

To Connect

Click the VPN icon in the menu bar to expand the VPN menu, then select the VPN you wish to use.

Mac VPN Menu Bar

Last Updated: 
Monday, December 11, 2017