MPrint: Locate and Install a Printer

Locate a Printer with Maps

Note Campus Computing Sites printers and MiWorkspace printers are both available for location on the Maps page. Those with access to view both Sites and MiWorkspace print maps can click the View Sites Print Maps link to alternate between the two environments.

  1. Open Google Chrome and navigate to MPrint Maps page.
  2. Authenticate using your unique name and UMICH password.
  3. Locate the building in which you'd like to install printers via one of three methods:


    Note If you are using the Maps page to install printers, click Install Now, Install Floor, or Install Cart, and continue on to Step 4 of the "Install a Printer" section. Please note that Campus Computing Sites printers are not currently available for installation.

    • Use the auto-complete search box.
    • Browse the building list alphabetically (click Sort By Name).
    • Browse the building list, sorted by proximity to you (click Sort By Location).

      Note Using this feature requires permitting the domain access to use your computer's location.

    • If multiple floors are available, select the floor applicable to you and locate the printers you are interested in using.


Print Installation

Before you send a document to print, install the printer on your computer. In order to install printers, the following requirements must be met:

  • Must have a valid uniqname and UMICH password.
  • Active Directory and Kerberos passwords synced. (AS of May 19th 2012, when you change your UMICH Kerberos password, your new password becomes synced to AD.)
  • Must be connected to the MWireless network, or connected to a U-M network via ethernet cable or VPN.
  • PC users must be running Windows Vista or newer. Mac users must have OS X 10.9 or greater. Users with unsupported operating systems should use the install-free print solution at

You can locate the printers nearest you by using the MPrint Maps page. Campus Computing Sites printers are not currently available for installation. Please use Follow Me, MPrint, or a Sites computer to print to Sites printers.

Install a Printer

  1. Open Google Chrome and navigate to MPrint Install.
  2. Authenticate using your unique name and UMICH password.
  3. Add printers to your install list by typing in a name, location, or department of a printer in the auto-complete box.
  4. If you want to add any other printers before installing, click the Add Another Printer link at the bottom.
  5. If desired, check the Set As Default Printer box.


Once the list of printers is complete, click the Generate Installer button in the bottom left corner. On a PC, this will download a .EXE program to your computer. Run it to install the printers you selected, and the PaperCut client if that is missing from your machine. Click here to learn about PaperCut.

If the printer installation fails, you may wish to instead try the alternative installation method described below:

Note If you are prompted for credentials, please enter your username as umroot\uniqname and use your UMICH password. Be sure to check the Remember my Credentials box.

  1. At the Windows Start menu enter \\, then the building acronym or the printers you are installing, followed by For example, if you are installing printers whose queue name starts with "m-asb..." then you would enter \\ Then press Enter .
  2. Double-click the printer you wish to install to kick-off installation.

Note Microsoft has ended support for the Windows XP operating system. Because of this, the MiWorkspace Print team no longer supports printer installation on Windows XP systems.


Note If this is your first time installing printers on this device, and it is not a MiWorkspace Mac, you may need to install this package which will give you the MPrint Installer application, Follow Me printer, and the PaperCut client. Click here to learn about PaperCut.


Once the list of printers is complete, click the blue Launch Installer button in the bottom left corner. The first time you do this on your computer, the browser may prompt for your permission to run the MPrint Installer application. Check the Remember my choice for all links of this type box near the bottom of the window, and click Launch Application. In the MPrint Installer dialog box, click Install Selected Printers. Wait for the confirmation message to appear and click OK, then close the MPrint Installer app.

Note On non-MiWorkspace Macs, a one-time authentication may be required for each printer installed. To initiate this, you must print a document. After clicking Print , click the Printer icon in the Dock, and hit the "Reload" icon shown next to your pending print job. When prompted, enter your username as UMROOT\unigname, and then enter your UMICH password. To avoid seeing this prompt in the future, check the "Remember this password in my keychain" box, and click OK.

Follow Me

Follow Me offers both on-demand and secure printing by sending your job to the "Follow Me" queue. Jobs remain in the "Follow Me" queue for up to 24 hours, or until you release them, whichever comes first. To release your document, swipe your MCard (or type in your unique name and UMICH password) at any networked device with an attached card reader.

Install Follow Me

You can install the Follow Me printer just like any print queue! Please see the directions on how to Install a Printer, and search for Follow Me in the search bar.

Note If you are a Mac user and needed to install the print package before installing printers, you should already have Follow Me available to use on your device.

Using Follow Me

  1. When you are ready to print, use your browser or application's print function and select the Follow Me printer.
  2. Click Print.
  3. When prompted again, click Print.
  4. If you are running the PaperCut client, you will receive a pop-up notification telling you that your print job is available for release. Click OK.
  5. Travel to any networked printer equipped with a card reader and swipe your Mcard (or enter your unique name and UMICH password on the printer touch screen) to release your print jobs.
  6. Please make sure you log out of the device when you are done!
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Tuesday, January 9, 2018