MiVideo Mediaspace

Kaltura Capture is a lightweight client application for Windows and Mac that provides a variety of recording and annotation tools. It is available in My Media through Canvas. Types of recordings include any combination of: audio, screen, webcam, PowerPoint presentation
The staticPages module allows you to create web pages to convey additional information to your site visitors. Topics include: enabling the staticPage module, creating a "Custom Page", linking static pages in site navigation, about site roles, page security and navigation
There are several advanced editing features available. Topics include: options, attachments, captions, thumbnails, downloads, replacing video, trimming video, creating clips to make copies
Channels are personally managed, user generated media collections in Mediaspace. Topics include: channel types, where to find channels, Mediaspace roles & channel use management, "My Channels" views, channel topics, creating and managing channels.
Uploading new media is the first step in publishing your videos, audio files, and images.
My Media is the MiVideo one-stop shop for managing your uploaded video, audio, and images. Topics include: deleting media, basic editing media
File owners can order, edit, and delete captions for audio and video files. This service is provided by MiVideo using automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology. A searchable, interactive, transcript is also provided.