Setting Up the Base Image


Setting Up the Base Image is the third step in getting started with MiDesktop. To learn more about the service, visit the IT Services Portal.

Logging In to the Virtual Center

  1. Log in to MiDesktop Virtual Center with your UMROOT credentials.
  2. Click VMs and Templates in the left navigation pane and locate your base image.

Installing the Image and Operating System

  1. Power on your virtual server.
  2. Click connect/disconnect within the VM Hardware window under the Summary tab.
  3. Choose Connect to CD/DVD on local disk.
  4. Install the OS.

Installing VMWare Tools

After installing the OS, the VMWare customizations need to be installed.

Important To prevent problems connecting to the desktop, install them in the order they are listed.

VMware Tools improve graphics, mouse, networking, and storage for devices.

To Install or upgrade VMware Tools:

  1. Right-click VM, select Guest OS, and click Install/Upgrade VMWare Tools.
  2. Make sure the default Interactive Upgrade is selected.
  3. Click Upgrade and then click OK.

Installing the View Agent

Install the VMWare View Agent on the base image. This allows vCenter to automatically provision corresponding pools.

Install the OS Optimizer

To enhance the efficiency and performance of your Base Image, we recommend installing the VMware OS Optimization Tool.

Granting Remote Desktop Access

Granting your users Remote Desktop access allows them to access your virtual machines.

  1. Log in to the base image as Administrator
  2. Navigate to: Control Panal > System and Security > System.
  3. Select the Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop radio button.
  4. Click Select Users....
  5. Click Add and add your AD user group, and then click OK.
  6. Click OK.

Delegating Active Directory Rights

Delegate the Create Computer Object and Delete Computer Object permissions to the service account vdi-computerjoiner for each Active Directory OU to automatically populate with virtual machines.

Taking Snapshots

Once the base image is configured, take a snapshot for use later in the New VDI Pool creation process to create the virtual desktops.


  1. Shut down the base image.
  2. Right-click the base image, select Snapshots and then select Take Snapshot.
  3. Name the snapshot and list the configuration changes in the summary field.

    Tip Remember the snapshot name to create the desktop machine pool later.

  4. Click OK.
Last Updated: 
Tuesday, August 9, 2016