Your Name and "Also Known As" Name(s) in MCommunity

Your name in your MCommunity profile comes from your official U-M record(s). Update this information in your record(s) to have the update appear in MCommunity. You can request that Also Known As names be added or removed. For more information on changing your MCommunity Directory entry, see About Your MCommunity Profile: View and Edit.

Update Your Name

Update your name at the source. You have some flexibility in how your name appears in your MCommunity Directory profile and in other U-M systems. Your MCommunity profile displays your legal name—or your preferred name if you have set one in Wolverine Access.

  • Faculty, staff, and retirees (all campuses).

  • Students at UM-Ann Arbor.

  • Students at UM-Dearborn. Update your legal name by submitting a name change request to the Office of Registration & Records on the U-M Dearborn campus.

  • Students at UM-Flint. Submit the Address and Name Change Form to the U-M-Flint Office of the Registrar to request a change to your legal name.

  • Alumni (all campuses). Update your name and other information about you in your alumni profile by making changes on the Alumni Association's Alumni & Friends Profile Update page.

  • Sponsored individuals (all campuses). If your only affiliation with U-M is through a sponsorship and your name is incorrect in the MCommunity Directory, contact the sponsorship administrator in your department who sponsored you to have your name updated. If you do not know who that is, contact the ITS Service Center.

Update Your "Also Known As" Names

The Also Known As section of your profile contains a list of names to help others find your profile in the directory. You can list additional Also Known As names to be used in directory searches. For example, if your name were Barbara Jensen, you might also want people to find you as Babs Jensen. Some people list their nickname, maiden, or birth name. Also Known As names must be some form of your real name and include your surname/last name at the end.

If your university record is stored in Wolverine Access, you can set a preferred name there, and it will appear in your list of Also Known As names; your preferred name will also be used at the top left of your profile.

To get other Also Known As names added or removed, contact the ITS Service Center.

Last Updated: 
Monday, May 3, 2021