When you "favorite" a tile, it will appear at the top of your home page when you log in. This gives you quick access to the tools you use most or otherwise have a difficult time finding. Any tile with a star icon in the bottom right corner can be added to your favorites, including collections! Add Favorite Click the star icon in the bottom right corner of any tile. You can also remove a link from your favorites by clicking the star icon.
If you can’t find a particular link, try these troubleshooting tips: Try using a different search term Change the Roles filter to include all roles Since some links are hidden based on your role, changing your filter to include all roles will expand your search. If you believe the link does not exist, contact us to request a new link.
By default, MaizeLink will display links based on your role in MCommunity. For example, if you are a student employee, you will see both “Student” and “Faculty & Staff” links. If you’d like to view links for a different role, you can select a different role from the Roles drop-down.
To get the most out of MaizeLink, log in (using your umich uniqname and password) and start to customize your home page. Anyone can search and browse MaizeLink without logging in. However, to customize your home page, you need to log in with a uniqname. Friend accounts are not currently supported. 
You can change the order of the sections on your MaizeLink home page. These changes will only be visible if you are logged in. To change the order of the sections on your home page, go to your user menu (beneath the search bar). Select Preferences, then click Order Sections. Drag and drop the sections into your desired order and click Save.
You will typically be prompted to connect Canvas to MaizeLink on the first time you log in. If you are not prompted or if you skipped this step, you can still set up the Canvas Connector. This will allow you to see your Canvas Courses as tiles on your MaizeLink Homepage.  Set Up Canvas Connector To connect MaizeLink to Canvas, go to your User Menu > Preferences > Authorize (under “Authorize Canvas Connector”). Follow the on-screen prompts to authorize the connection between rSmart OneCampus (MaizeLink) and Canvas.
You can access all of your Wolverine Access links from MaizeLink. To view all Wolverine Access links, use the “Classic Wolverine Access Links” menu at the top of MaizeLink. MaizeLink also provides several direct links that go to common tasks within Wolverine Access, like Final Grades, Time Reporting, etc. We recommend saving the Wolverine Access quick links as favorites to save you time!