Document Imaging System: Using the ImageNow Printer


The ImageNow Printer allows you to import an electronic file, such as a Microsoft Office document or an email, convert it to TIFF format, and store it.

You can use ImageNow Printer from any software program that has a print option. The options you set in a capture profile determine how to process documents. Because documents are stored as TIFF files, you can annotate them, set the page orientation, color, and watermark options. You can also use ImageNow Printer to highlight a Word document or add a sticky note to an email.

Important: Before you print into the Imaging System, you need to Install the ImageNow Printer.

ImageNow Printer prints an electronic file from an application, such as Microsoft Excel, into a document. To print an electronic file into the Imaging System to create a document, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the file you want to print into the Imaging System.
  2. In the application that created the file, click Print from the File menu.
  3. Select ImageNow Printer for the printer name.
  4. If you wish to review/change print settings, click Printer Properties and enter the values for one of the document types below:


    Select Color on the Paper/Quality tab.

    Select None from the Color Reduction drop-down list in the Color Options section on the Compression tab.


    Select Landscape for the Orientation on the Layout tab.


    Select Portrait for the Orientation on the Layout tab.

  5. Click OK on the Print dialog box.
  6. Select a capture profile from the Capture Profile drop-down list on the Print dialog box, and then click OK.
  7. Link and save your document.

    Note: The steps needed to link and save your document can vary and are based on the settings configured in the selected capture profile.

Adapted from Perceptive Software Online Help