ExamScan converts hand-written and graded exams and assignments to digital form. It allows instructors to return exams electronically rather than having students pick up the hardcopies. It is especially useful for large classes. ExamScan is for instructors who are not using online exam or assignment formats. It does not create bubble test forms. ExamScan uses Box to store scanned exams. Please note that ExamScan is not integrated with Canvas. Click to see:
Background Barcodes serve a simple purpose:  when exams are scanned the barcodes tell the scanning software both that a new student’s exam has started and which student it is.  The barcode itself is nothing more than a special font; the text in the font consists of an asterisk, an all-caps uniqname and an asterisk (e.g., *studenta*).
Student Instructions Download the Regrade Request form using URL provided by instructor. Complete the form and save the file using naming convention determined by instructor. Email your completed form as an attachment to the email address given to you by the instructor. (You will receive an email confirming that your upload was successful) NOTE The email you send will not be read.  All information must be on the form.
This QuickStart Guide is for instructors using Box to manage scanned assignments. Become familiar with Box For more information on using Box, the following resources are available:
This is a QuickStart Guide for students using Box to access scanned assignments. For more information on using Box, the following resources are available: