Digital Signage: Content Considerations

Users of the Digital Signage service should:

  • Maintain HIPAA compliance (Do not publish PHI)
  • Protect sensitive institutional data (Do not publish it)
  • Avoid profanity or other offensive material
  • Get appropriate permission/meet the licensing agreement before using copyrighted material

Signs can include faculty and staff names and locations; this information is considered public.

Keep it Simple

  • Be concise
  • Write in phrases rather than full sentences
  • Use active voice and action verbs
  • Use 3 or fewer content regions

Keep Your Content Fresh

  • Maintain a large stock of imagery to swap in/out
  • Alternate layouts
  • Create multiple versions of the same message
  • Vary the time that screens display
  • Include animation/video

Call to Action

  • Use strong verbs in a concise phrase
  • Give the specifics needed to act (e.g., dates, places, phone numbers, a short URL or QR code)
  • Highlight the call to action with a contrasting text color

Time Delay

If your sign presents a rotating series of screens, consider the environment when deciding the loop length:

  • A medical office waiting room would probably warrant a longer time between screens, as patients have time to read and want to maintain a relaxed ambiance.
  • A hallway where people busily rush by may call for a short delay, as a screen change may grab their attention. Yet the viewer must have time to read the message.
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Thursday, June 22, 2017